Android CamScanner PDF App (an app that takes high quality document photographs) has been found to contain Malware. This app has been downloaded more than 100 million times by Android users. Recently, Kaspersky cyber security researcher has found malicious code in the ads part of the app. This malicious code made it possible to show user intrusive ads or snoop on login credentials. However, the researcher did not examine the iPhone version yet to see if it is also affected or not. Currently, Camscanner for Android is not available on Google’s Play Store in the UK. Camscanner’s team have taken a swift action by releasing a new version of the app that is malware free. To all Android CamScanner apps users, please delete your current Camscanner apps and wait for this new version to be tested by cyber-security researcher.

Condition Zebra (an International IT security services, training and certification provider) would like to give a few tips on how to prevent your phone from being attacked by malicious softwares. Firstly, keep yourself updated with latest cyber security issues. Nowadays, a lot of malicious content are released through apps to steal user information. Therefore, keeping yourself updated is the best way to prevent yourself from being a victim. Bookmark our blog as we always update our contents with the latest cyber security issues. Secondly, use an anti-virus app to check your phones regularly. This is very important because a lot of user use mobile banking apps to conduct online transactions. Therefore, making sure your phone is malware free is a must.

Source: BBC