Awards & Recognition

Condition Zebra has 14 years of experience in the IT security industry. We utilize unique strategies of combining key technologies with expertise in Information Security and Risk Management services to help mitigate operational, legal, and financial threats for clients.

We pride ourselves to be the first to introduce – Hands-on training based on assessment reports in the industry, where, prior to the training, our security engineers will conduct a security assessment and provide a security analysis report on your digital asset.

Condition Zebra was awarded as a winner in the category of 
“Cyber Security Education and Training Provider of the Year” in the Malaysia Cyber Security Award 2015, by CyberSecurity Malaysia.

In 2020, Condition Zebra accredited by CREST for Penetration Testing servicesAs a CREST member company, we want to continue delivering the best penetration testing services that demonstrate the highest levels of knowledge, skill, and competence.

Condition Zebra accredited by CREST for Penetration Testing services

Condition Zebra won Cyber Security Education And Training Provider of The Year 2015

Collaboration with Malaysian Employers Federation (MEF) to improve corporations information security.

Collaboration with MAMPU for Nationwide Cyber Warriors Development Program