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Cyber Security is a huge issue and a headache for many Corporates companies. Many companies lack the skills and expertise to use the available resources to focus on their IT system security. Therefore, we are giving this Free Penetration Testing to the company that is highly susceptible to cyber-attacks. By doing Pentesting once or twice per year, you will have a complete understanding of how secure is your organization’s IT infrastructure and systems.

What Can You Expect?

Although this is free of charge (F.O.C) service, Condition Zebra are committed to providing the best penetration testing service to you. A comprehensive report will be provided and we reassured that this is not a report generated from vulnerability scanner. Our report contains the findings from vulnerability assessment, standard penetration testing, and advanced manual testing conducted by our penetration testers.

Claim Your FREE Penetration Testing Service

Please fill up the form to get email and a call back from our Cyber Security consultant.

*Terms and conditions apply.

How it works?

1. You just need to fill up and submit the enquiry form

2. Our consultant will contact you within 24 hours.

3. We will start the test once the date and target are set.

4. The report will be submitted within 4 working days

How long does it take?

The whole process will take approximately 5 working days.

Terms and conditions:

1. Each organization are entitled to one round of FREE Penetration Testing service only.

2. Each round of FREE Penetration Testing service is limited to 1 Public IP only.

3. This service is non-transferrable and non-exchangeable for cash or any other items from Condition Zebra.

4. Condition Zebra reserves the rights to terminate this service at any time without prior notice.