On 17th January 2024, The Star reported fake Michelle Yeoh news on a scam site impersonating The Star brand identity.

What happens?

Scammers are using ‘click-bait’ techniques that use Malaysian Oscar-winning actress Michelle Yeoh’s identity.

There are multiple scam ads that talk about a false incident and are designed to catch your attention. For example, claiming that famed talk show host Stephen Colbert had a heated discussion with Malaysian Oscar-winning actress Michelle Yeoh.

The ads also contain an erroneous claim that “financial information of this magnitude could shake the foundations of Malaysian society.”

Multiple ads are appearing on Facebook from fake Facebook pages called “Wildfire Cat Club” and “The Northern Wild.”

Our Advice

1) Investigate Facebook ads and websites to check the source’s credibility.

Usually, fake Facebook pages contain a lack of followers. They are used to run misleading advertisements on the Meta social platform.

Also, verify the URL of each website to make sure it’s not impersonating a popular news site like The Star.

2) Do not click on the ads from unreputable sources.

When you click on this ad, you will be led to a website impersonating The Star with a fake article headlined ‘Michelle Yeoh is being sued by the Bank of Malaysia for comments she made on a live broadcast.

2) Beware of fraudulent investment schemes that ask for deposits.

The use of the Michelle Yeoh name in a fake article ends with the promotion of a fraudulent investment scheme that asks for a minimum deposit of RM1,160 to start the program.

Always be cautious and verify the investment schemes with relevant authorities such as Bank Negara Malaysia and the Securities Commission.

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Beware fake Michelle Yeoh news on scam site

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