Phishing Attack Simulation

Phishing attack simulation is a way to test whether an employee can recognise email phishing or other tricks used by cyber criminals to trick people into giving them sensitive information. This test helps organisations identify areas where they need to improve their security measures and educate their employees to be more aware of these types of attacks.

Condition Zebra’s Phishing Attack Simulation

Condition Zebra’s Phishing Attack Simulation can be used to identify weaknesses in an organisation’s security posture, such as employees who are more likely to fall for phishing attacks, as well as areas where security awareness training may be needed.

Phishing Attack Simulation


The ability to create customized simulations that are tailored to the organization’s industry, size, and specific security risks.

Metrics and Reporting

The ability to track and report on key metrics, such as the percentage of employees who clicked on a simulated phishing email or the number of employees who reported the email as suspicious.

Training and Education

The ability to use the results of the simulations to provide targeted training and education to employees who may be more susceptible to phishing attacks.

How Phishing Simulation works?

Phishing attack simulation works by creating simulated phishing emails, social media posts, or other tactics to test an organization’s ability to recognize and respond to phishing attacks. 

Set Up

The organization or a third-party vendor sets up a simulated phishing attack campaign, including selecting the type of attack, crafting the message, and identifying the target audience.


The simulated phishing emails or messages are sent to the target audience, either in a controlled environment or at random intervals over a period of time.


The system monitors the responses of the target audience, tracking how many people clicked on the link, provided personal information, or reported the email as suspicious.


The system generates a report that summarizes the results of the simulation, including the success rate of the attack and areas where improvements can be made.


Based on the results of the simulation, the organization can provide targeted training or education to employees who need it, update security policies and procedures, or take other steps to improve their security posture.

Benefits of Phishing Attack Simulation

By simulating a real-world phishing attack, organizations can identify vulnerabilities in their security posture, test the effectiveness of their security controls and processes, and educate employees about how to recognize and respond to phishing attacks. Ultimately, the goal of phishing attack simulation is to help organizations improve their overall security posture and reduce the risk of successful phishing attacks.


Benefits of Phishing Simulation

Improved Security Awareness

Phishing attack simulations can help raise awareness among employees about the types of attacks they may encounter and how to recognize and respond to them.

Proactive Threat Detection

By testing the organization’s ability to detect and respond to phishing attacks, simulations can help identify vulnerabilities and potential weaknesses in the organization’s security posture before a real attack occurs.

Improved Incident Response

Phishing attack simulations can help improve incident response capabilities by providing employees with the opportunity to practice responding to a simulated attack in a safe environment.

Reduced Risk and Costs

By identifying and addressing vulnerabilities before a real attack occurs, organizations can reduce the risk and potential costs associated with a successful phishing attack.


Phishing attack simulations can help organizations comply with industry regulations and standards that require regular security awareness training and testing.

Continuous Improvement

By regularly conducting phishing attack simulations, organizations can continuously improve their security posture, identify areas for improvement, and ensure that employees remain vigilant against the latest attack techniques.

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