Perimeter Security

Perimeter security in cybersecurity refers to the measures put in place to secure the boundary of a network or system from external threats. It involves implementing various security technologies such as firewalls, intrusion detection and prevention systems, access controls, and other devices that can help prevent unauthorized access or attacks on the network.

Condition Zebra’s Perimeter Security

Condition Zebra’s Perimeter Security is an important part of a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy that helps organization’s protect their sensitive data and critical infrastructure from external threats.

Perimeter Security

Secure Network Design

The first step in perimeter protection is to set up a secure network design that incorporates all systems, software and hardware, that will be used to protect your data.

Active Monitoring

With alerts to notify your team in real-time of irregular network traffic patterns, failed login attempts, or any other red flag, active monitoring tools ensure more comprehensive network surveillance, with 24/7 coverage.

Network Zoning

Network zoning is when your team identifies, segments, and generates security zones within the network infrastructure.

Tools and Components

Let’s look at the specific tools of a computer security perimeter used to strengthen your defence.

Router Borders

Like gates in a castle wall, border routers sit at the edge of the network perimeter and serve as a guide for incoming or outgoing traffic. By establishing the border, you share parts of both the private and public networks.


To continue the metaphor, firewalls are the series of interior walls that act as an additional filter for incoming traffic. They decide who (or what) should or should not pass based on a set of predefined rules.

Intrusion Detection System (IDS)

The Intrusion Detection System (IDS) is your alarm system. It can be a single device or a series of devices that monitor your network for malicious activity or policy violations. An IDS differs from a firewall in that it watches for intrusions within an internal network and reports an attack from within the network.

Intrusion Prevention System (IPS)

While an IDS sounds the alarm for potential threats, an Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) stops them automatically based on a list of pre-established rules.

An IPS is the “night watch” that intervenes to intercept incoming traffic, block it, drop malicious data packets, or completely reset the connection. It provides an extra fee for examination and internal security, but without the direct intervention of an administrator.

An IPS is also considered a next-generation firewall, which is basically an advanced version of a more traditional firewall but with the added ability to block malware and use inline Deep Packet Inspection (DPI).

Benefits of Perimeter Security

The main goal of perimeter security is to create a secure boundary around the network or system that can detect and block any unauthorized access, prevent data loss or theft, and minimize the risk of cyber attacks.



Protection against external threats

Perimeter security helps to keep external threats such as hackers, malware, and unauthorized access attempts from infiltrating an organization’s network and systems.

Early detection and prevention

Perimeter security systems can quickly detect and prevent attacks before they cause significant damage or data loss.

Improved compliance

Many industry and government regulations require companies to have strong perimeter security in place to protect sensitive data, such as financial or personal information.

Reduced risk and liability

By having strong perimeter security, organizations can reduce their risk and liability for security breaches and potential legal or financial consequences.

Greater peace of mind

Knowing that perimeter security measures are in place can give organizations and their stakeholders greater peace of mind that their data and systems are protected from outside threats.

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