Digital Forensics is defined as the process of preservation, identification, extraction, and documentation of computer evidence which can be used by the court of law. It is a science of finding evidence from digital media like a computer, mobile phone, server, or network.

It provides the forensic team with the best techniques and tools to solve complicated digital-related cases. Digital Forensics helps the forensic team to analyzes, inspect, identifies, and preserve the digital evidence residing on various types of electronic devices.

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The Needs for Digital Forensics Service

Digital forensics help to ensure the overall integrity and survivability of your network infrastructure. Organisations may need digital forensics in following type of cases:


Intellectual Property theft

Industrial espionage

Employment disputes

Fraud investigations

Inappropriate use of the Internet and email in the workplace

Forgeries related matters

Bankruptcy investigations

Issues concern with the regulatory compliance

Our Digital Forensics covers:

  • Digital Forensics Course
  • Computer Forensics
  • Cyber Crime Investigation
  • Data Recovery
  • e-Discovery
  • Litigation Support
  • Expert Witness
  • Forensics Data Analysis
  • Mobile Forensics

Our Digital Forensics Include But Are Not Limited To:

Computer Forensics

Computer forensics is a branch of forensic science which deals with the application of investigative analysis techniques on computers in order to retrieve and preserve evidence in a way that is legally admissible.

Network Forensics

It is a sub-branch of digital forensics. It is related to monitoring and analysis of computer network traffic to collect important information and legal evidence.

Database Forensics

It is a branch of digital forensics relating to the study and examination of databases and their related metadata.


Mobile Forensics

It mainly deals with the examination and analysis of mobile devices. It helps to retrieve phone and SIM contacts, call logs, incoming, and outgoing SMS/MMS, Audio, videos, etc.

 Trusted digital forensics services

Benefits of Digital Forensic

  1. To ensure the integrity of the computer system.
  2. To produce digital evidence in the court, which can lead to the punishment of the culprit.
  3. It helps the companies to capture important information if their computer systems or networks are compromised.
  4. Efficiently tracks down cybercriminals from anywhere in the world.
  5. Helps to protect the organization’s money and valuable time.
  6. Allows to extract, process, and interpret the factual evidence, so it proves the cybercriminal action’s in the court.

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