Cybersecurity Awareness Training

Condition Zebra’s E-Learning platform allows organizations to conduct Cyber Security Awareness training for their employees. Measure and improve the security awareness by conducting phishing simulations, train employees using web-based interactive trainings and company Infrastructure testing.

phishing simulations

Phishing Simulations

Test and conduct a variety of phishing attacks simulations in a safe environment where employees can experience real-world attacks. This will result in educating your employees about the dangers of the Internet and help protect your business against cybercrimes.

Interactive Training

Train and educate your employee’s in variety of different security topics.

We offers more than 200 web-based training modules which consists of videos, tests, quizzes, games and exams to educate your employees on various security topics.


Infrastructure Testing

A variety of potentially dangerous file types such as malware may pose threat to your company infrastructure. The way to find out is to conduct the technical tests and learn from the results to reduce risks. We use a safe and effective method of testing that will know if your defense mechanism is working when an employee executes a malicious file.

Learn by experience

Experience is the best teacher. Run real phishing-based attacks so your employees can learn.

Phishing simulation play’s an attackers role to lauch an attacks to see how trained are your employees towards identifying and reporting them. Typically, phishing emails carry potentially harmful files such as malware and spyware through links or attachments.

cybersecurity awareness training

Learn by training

Inspire your employees with more than 200 security awareness training modules.

We offers Web-based Training Modules (videos, tests, quizzes, games and exams) on various security topics that can be provided to employees based on the results of the attack simulations or independently.

Achieve your goals

The goal of this comprehensive E-Learning platform is to increase the levels of security awareness of your employees.

To assist in achieving this goal, we can measure and improve the security awareness by monitoring phishing simulation and eLearning progress. Track all attack simulation statistics like the numbers of emails opened, the number of links clicked and how many attacks were successful. Measure your eLearning progress with training stats and quiz results.

achieve your security goals

“I appreciate the great customer service from the trainers & IT support”

This help me solve any issue using the tools during the training. Great detailed explanations about each concept by the trainer helped ease the hands-on practical session. I am grateful to have signed up thus leads me to gain a lot of knowledge.

Siti Roziana, Exentrix Network Sdn Bhd

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