Hacking and Security Vulnerability Management


This training covers a broad domains of security topics including network security, web application security, and mobile application security. It begins by covering the basic concept of different security domain and move to the threats landscape and security assessment. You will be able to assess the security posture of your digital assets and learn what and how to implement a defense-in-depth base on the findings. This training is suitable for the industry newcomer or any IT professionals that would like to strengthen their knowledge and skills in these security domains.



Security Assessment With Analysis Report
We are the first to introduce this training method in the industry! Prior to the training, our security engineers will conduct a security assessment and provide a security analysis report on your digital asset.

Understanding Your Digital Asset
You will get a clear understanding on the security and the hidden risks of your digital asset.

During the training

Hands-on Session
You will learn and improve your technical skills to test and secure your digital assets.

You will have the opportunity to focus and get professional consultation from trainer based on the challenges you face in the security analysis report on your digital asset.

Live Hacking and Penetration Testing Session
You will practise and sharpen your skills by applying it in live platform.


Skills Application
You will be able to understand and fix the vulnerabilities of your digital asset listed in the security analysis report.

Master Information Security
You will be able to master advanced techniques to perform vulnerability assessment and identify the weaknesses of your digital assets.

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Course Outline

Module 1 : Web Application Architecture

Module 2 : HTTP Basics

Module 3 : Injection

Module 4 : Cross Site Scripting

Module 5 : Cross Site Request Forgery

Module 6 : Mastering Burp Suite

Module 7 : File Inclusion Attacks

Module 8: Overview of Network Security

Module 9 : Target Enumerations and Port Scanning

Module 10 : Vulnerability Assessment

Module 11 : Penetration Testing with Metasploit

Module 12 : Sniffing

Module 13 : Password Cracking

Module 14 : Introduction to Android

Module 15 : Android Architecture

Module 16 : Android Security Model

Module 17 : Android Application Assessments

Module 18 : Automated Assessments with Drozer

Module 19 : Introduction to iOS

Module 20 : iOS Security Model

Module 21 : iOS Application Assessments

Module 22 : iOS Application Cracking and Patching

Learning Outcome

• Enable you to understand and demonstrate key concepts of information security
• Discover the security risks in different security domains
• Learn to perform vulnerability assessment and identify vulnerabilities of your digital assets
• Identify best practices that can be used to protect and enhance the security of your network, web application and mobile application
• Enable you to understand the types of security countermeasures available and how they should be applied

Who Should Attend

• IT Professionals
• Information Security Personnel
• Network Administrator
• Web Application Developer
• Mobile Application Developers
• Penetration Tester
• And Anyone Who is Responsible For Information Security And Data Protection

Hacking and Security Vulnerability Management