IoT / Embedded Device Hacking

Embedded and IoT device hacking is growing concern across the globe. However, if you have never had any experience in reverse engineering or embedded system hacking, you might be afraid of getting started in. This training course is designed to help people working in the information security industry to learn basic knowledge needed to hack and reverse-engineer embedded system. The training covers embedded device hacking with UART/JTAG, dumping/parsing/extracting/analyzing firmware image, modifying firmware, detecting/analyzing embedded malware, discovering/exploiting vulnerabilities in firmware, and wireless hacking using SDR.

Course Outline

Module 1: Hunting for UART ports

Module 2: Hacking Embedded Device with JTAG

Module 3: Firmware Acquisition

Module 4:  Basics of Reverse Engineering ARM/MIPS Code

Module 5:  Embedded Device Vulnerability Assessment

Module 6:  Embedded Malware Detection and Analysis

Module 7:  Modifying Firmware for Fun and Profit

Module 8:  Hacking Wireless Network

Prerequisite Knowledge and Requirements

• Should be familiar with using Windows, Linux and VMWare
• Should have an understanding of programming concepts, but programming experience is not mandatory
• Background knowledge in reverse code engineering and vulnerability assessment will be helpful, but not required
• Enthusiasm is a MUST.

What Will Be Offered To Attendees

• Training materials
• Lab instruction note
• Videos used in the course
• Linux virtual machine image containing necessary tools
• Various tools and devices used in hand-on practice

Who Should Attend

Professionals who are working in information security industry and interested to expand their hacking and reverse engineering skills in IoT/embedded device.

Course Details

Venue: Condition Zebra Professional Learning Centre

Duration: 5 days

Time: 9.00am – 5.00pm

Tae-il Kim

Founder & CEO of Core Security (Korea)

Tae-il has about 20 years’ extensive lecturer experience in information security industry since 1999. He is one of the most famous instructors in Korea. He has lectured about reverse engineering, penetration testing, digital forensics, exploit writing, and embedded device hacking at Korean government agencies (Korea National Police Agency, Korea Internet Security Agency, Ministry of National Defense, Cyber Command, Republic of Korea Army, and so on) and the international institute and companies (Philippine Interpol, Hyundai Motor Group, LG Electronics, Samsung Advanced Technology Training Institute, and so on).

WanJeong Park (Chloe Park)

Research Engineer of CoreSecurity (KOREA)

WanJeong Park graduated Sejong University in computer engineering.

In college, she studied mainly programming and has strong knowledge of C, Java. For her projects, she made anti-ransomware software by C. In addition, based on her interest in web programming, she developed university community site based on HTML5.

She has been researching in cyber security field such as malware detection, malicious document analysis, log analysis, crypto reversing, digital forensic.
For those above fields, she involved in many K-shield(Training cyber security experts projects). She delivered her knowledge successfully to participants from government organizations, militaries and police departments. Especially, she made virtual lab contents of digital forensic about leakage using external device and cloud program like dropbox.

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