Network Security and Penetration Testing

Certified Network Security Specialist (CNSS)

This network security training fully arms you to address the information security concerns within the organization for data protection. You will gain in-depth understanding on the network hacking tools usage and how to conduct the network penetration testing in a careful and professional manner. This training will also demonstrates various network hacking techniques as well as penetration testing methodologies to help you identify network security vulnerabilities.



Security Assessment with Analysis Report
No other training provider did this before, we are the FIRST! Prior the training, our security engineers will conduct a network security assessment and provide a security analysis report on your network.

Understand Your Network
You will get a clear understanding on the security and the hidden risks of your network.

During the training

Hands-on Session
You will learn and improve your technical skills to test and secure network.

You will have the opportunity to focus and get professional consultation from trainer based on the challenges you face in the security analysis report on your network.

Live Hacking and Penetration Testing Session
You will practice and sharpen your skills by applying it in the live network hacking session.


Skills Application
You will be able to understand and fix the vulnerabilities of your network listed in the security analysis report.

Master Network Security
You will be able to master advanced techniques to secure and conduct security assessment on network.

Course Outline

Module 1 : Overview of Network Security

Module 2 : Network Protocol & Analysis

Module 3 : Network Security Threats

Module 4 : Network Vulnerability Assessment

Module 5 : Intrusion Detection System (IDS) and Intrusion Prevention System (IPS)

Module 6 : Firewalls

Module 7 : Hardening Operating Systems and Patch Management

Module 8: Hardening Physical Security

Module 9 : Application Security

Module 10 : e-mail Security

Module 11 : Authentication: Encryption, Cryptography and Digital Signatures

Module 12 : Virtual Private Network

Module 13 :Log Analysis

Module 14 : Wireless Network Security

Module 15 : Incident Respons

Learning Outcome

• Enable you to understand and communicate the network security risks associated with hacking and other exploits
• Discover real-world network hacking techniques and countermeasures
• Sharpen up your technical skills and learn to fix the network vulnerabilities
• Learn to perform a network penetration testing on own deployment and evaluate network security threats and possible exploits
• Enable you to develop and design a secure network
• Enable you to tackle real-life scenarios and apply new skills to the job with ease

Exam Details

Number of Questions: 50
Passing score: 70%
Test Duration: 85 mins Exam + 5 mins NDA
Test Format: Multiple Choice
Test Delivery: Condition Zebra Test Center
Exam Prefix: CZ100

Who Should Attend

• System Engineers
• Network Administrators
• Firewall Administrators
• IT Managers
• Information Security Professionals
• Penetration Testers
• Ethical Hackers
• And Anyone Who is Interested in Network Security and Penetration Testing


4 Days

Network Security and Penetration Testingl


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