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Source Code Security Analysis is the examination of application source code review to discover hidden vulnerabilities and errors that are missed during the initial development phase.

We use a combination of automated scanning tools and manual review to identify the following vulnerabilities:

  • Insecure coding practice.
  • Encryption errors. – E.g., insecure key storage, weak cryptography
  • All cases of SQL injections, XSS (cross-site scripting) vulnerabilities.
  • Buffer overflows (more data is put into the buffer than it can handle).
  • Race conditions (performing two or more operations at the same time).

Source Code Review Process


The process starts with conducting a thorough study of the application followed by the creation of a comprehensive threat profile.

Our information security engineers use a hybrid approach starting with automated source code analysis.

Next step, our information security engineers will study the code layout to develop a specific code reviewer plan, and a custom manual source code review is performed.

The final step in the security code review process is to verify existing flaws and generate source code review reports that provide solutions.

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Benefits of Source code review

  1. Code review ensures standards and compliance with a consistent coding style.
  2. Higher software security benefits can be achieved with regular code analysis.
    3. Build the confidence of stakeholders about the technical quality of your applications.
    4. Finding bugs in the initial stage to ensure the application is free from any errors.
    5. Gain a better understanding and insights of your codebase from our detailed source code review reports.

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