The Internet is booming with infinite numbers of users year by year, 2020 will foresee great challenges towards the cybersecurity industry.

Cybersecurity awareness has become more prominent, as the topic shifted as a minor error to a major concern due to many cases showing results of damage and losses to big and small enterprises.

The concern is becoming more relatable to the public too, they can be threatened by the possibility as personal users of mobile and electronic devices. Users from all around the globe acknowledge these issues and are becoming more protective of their data and how it is used without consent.

This fear does not stop to what is remaining, 2020 is seeing new technological advances such as the emergence of 5G network, artificial intelligence, and virtual & augmented reality.

As these advancement are shaded as greater goods, some downside tags along the way. These newly discovered technologies shall increase cyber-risks and also cyber solutions to come.

Emergence of 5G networks

5G network is unlike its predecessors, it uses wireless networks instead of phone line and cables. It has proven to offer the highest speed of the Internet to date, it can speed up to 100 times the capacity compared to 4G network we are currently using.

The response time is proven quicker than ever before. For instance, 4G network executes our command under 50 milliseconds while 5G network acts 400 times faster than a blink of an eye. Imagine how you could send messages in current time before one could even think of what to reply? Imagine downloading a 2 hour movie in the span of 3 seconds?

This is what 5G network is all about. These out-of-the-world features will entice many to adopt the super network. The usage will be widespread as people embrace the change.

However, the possibilities of cyberattacks increases with new users entering into the network.
Cybercriminals will take upon the opportunity to perform cybercrimes with the undeniably high speed access.

5G running as a wireless network will ease their attempt to sabotage as they get to make direct impact on users and businesses. Attempts such as this dismisses time delay, to avoid attacks and threats from happening is becoming almost impossible .

Virtual and Augmented Reality (VR & AR)

Viewing experience has becoming more advanced, virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) is turning into the next big thing for all ages, starting its revolution on children’s and educational materials.

Works of VR and AR do not happen overnight. It relies on softwares and virtual functionality, hence its intangible nature exposes them to cyberthreats and corruption of data. These works are labelled as intellectual property and losing it due to cyberattacks will lead to longtime frustrations.

As these properties are indeed fragile, higher cybersecurity systems are urged for these developers. Unwanted interruption can happen if they opt for no security. Cybersecurity is getting crucial for members of AR and VR.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been predicted for decades and its depiction in films gives off a doubtful vibe for humankind.

However the reality speaks the opposite, as many cherish this self learning technology. In the cybersecurity industry, AI can now work as an aid to its operations. Given the ability to analyze data from numerous past cyber incidents, it can help identify problems and provide solutions from its database recollection.

Artificial intelligence will act as a tool to help cybersecurity operations better, in securing accounts at all times. As AI is widely used by many, the cybersecurity industry is reaping its benefits in the coming years.

As many would think, can artificial intelligence be manipulated? There are chances of it if cyberthreat disguises to be non malicious. However, this advancement is yet to be proven flawed. This is the year we will hear about it if there is any.

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