8 Tips To Defend Your Organization Against Phishing Attacks.

1. Use SSL certificate on your website to protect all information transmitted between the web server and the visitor’s browser.

2. Provide proper and regular training to employees about phishing, how to identify it, and what to do when they suspect an attack.

3. Ensure that all security tools, protocols, and controls are up to date. Also, be proactive in adapting the company’s defences with new developments in the IT industry about tools and new types of attacks.

4. When a payment page is needed for your website, make sure to use a securely hosted page. This is the best practice in order to secure credit card information being transmitted over the internet.

5. Create a filter that can detect the most common types of spam and phishing attacks. This should also help you to identify real attachments and filter malicious ones.

6. Use an antivirus solution for each endpoint devices, covering the entire network.

7. Encrypt sensitive data of the company making it difficult to crack even when stolen.

8. Use a web filter in order to block malicious websites from prying on your network.

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