IoT (Internet of Things) refers to the interconnectivity of physical devices, buildings, software, electronics, sensors, and network connectivity so that they can connect and work together.

Penetration testing, on the other hand, is a means of testing such devices for potential loopholes that may be taken advantage of by cyber criminals. The goal is to plug such holes and improve the security of IoT. What are the benefits?

There are some huge benefits from conducting a thorough penetration testing on IoT. Some of the most important benefits of such testing are:

  1. It exposes a set of vulnerabilities: This is the primary goal of running the test. You don’t want to take things to chances and want to have the best control over your IoT, especially if you have such at home. Exploring a potential vulnerability may expose your home to various dangers such as cyber-attacks, burglary attacks, and other dangerous attacks.
  2. It tests the efficiency of your cyber security: Putting a cyber-security measure in place is one of the most important and efficient way to prevent sudden cyber -attacks. But, then, how efficient is your cyber security measure? The only way to find out is through penetration testing. During a test, how competent your cyber security is in detecting sudden attacks will be checked. This will include checking the efficiency of your IPS, IDS, or WAF. If they can’t automatically detect an invasion, you have to overhaul your cyber security system.
  3. It shows real risk: Through a successful penetration testing, you will be able to make a distinction between imaginary risks and real risks. What is considered theoretically to be high vulnerability may end up not being that much if its risk potential is well documented. Your network specialists should be able to perform such a comprehensive data analysis.
  4. It helps you prevent attacks: If a loophole id detected in your system while running the test, that will give you an idea of the risk you are facing. You can therefore make adequate preparation to block such loopholes and find other ways to beef up your security. That will go a long way in preventing cyber criminals from getting easy access to you IoT.
  5. Your business continuity is guaranteed: This is related to the benefit above. When a cyber-attack occurs, you may lose some valuable information that may impact the company’s business negatively. When such a potential attack is prevented after being identified during a test, the prevention will lead to continued business existence.
  6. It gives you rest peace of mind: Regularly conducting penetration tests is a good way to allay your fear of vulnerability to attacks. If you know the preventive measures you put in place, you can rest assured that your IoT is safe. That will serve as an efficient immunity against unnecessary anxiety, stress, and other related challenges.


Your company IoT should be always safe. There is no better way to ensure that than conducting regular penetration test on your IoT. So, it is worthwhile if you can devote some time to this test.