For the past few days, CIMB’s customer service has been flooded with complaints and criticisms online over technical difficulties customers were facing when trying to access their banking services. There’s a claim posted by Twitter user @aizadfahmy that CIMB’s servers were hit with a ransomware attack. However, CIMB Group Holdings Bhd denied this allegation and that its customers have always been able to perform their transactions as usual. CIMB admitted that they did face technical issues which affected some of its systems, but the matter had been addressed quickly.

Malaysia Airlines is the first companies to highlight that CIMB was experiencing a technical glitch with its credit card payment system. Malaysia Airlines’ users were advised to use CIMB Clicks or other alternative payment methods. Online shopping platform, Shopee also had posted asking customers to use CIMB’s online banking system instead of CIMB’s credit card.

Condition Zebra (an International IT security services, Training and Certification provider) would like to share our point of view on this matter. Most of the time, systems are vulnerable to cyber attacks due to human errors and they usually come from within the organization. That is why continuous employee training is a core matter to prevent vulnerabilities towards cyber-attacks. The problem is that organizations tend to place more importance on back-end security (for example firewalls). They may forget the most important part is the front-end security.

In conclusion, human error and lack of multi-layer security are the major causes for cyber-attacks. Therefore, implementing the right security measure is the key. Conduct Penetration Testing with us, so you can find loopholes in your system and join our Cyber Security Training today!

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