Over the years, IoT has gradually found its way into the consciousness of many people, industries, and organization. It started as an industry buzzword but has now taken a place in the world of technology. Sadly, behind the hype surrounding IoT lies some serious security challenges and concerns.

IoT simply refers to the connection of different devices so that they can interconnect with the use of some sensors and other important devices. As a result of the interdependence of many devices and the science to drive IoT successfully, it is faced with these challenges:

  1. Hackers can wreck havoc: This is one of the most challenging security concerns that are threatening the success of IoT. By stealing valuable information from a company or individual that is implementing IoT, hackers can wreck untold havoc that may be difficult to repair. For instance, through subscription, hackers may get the credit card information of a subscriber and use such information to harm the victim financially.
  2. The threat of greedy corporations: While hackers are known for their knack for getting valuable information through dubious means, they are not the only security threat to IoT. Greedy corporations pose as much threat as hackers. Because of the trust people have in them and their ability to collect valuable information legally, greedy corporations have become a source of concern as people are raising concerns over what damage they can do with the data in their possession. A typical instance is the RadioShake case where this organization made a failed attempt to sell the information at their disposal to some other companies for financial gains. That’s a serious security threat.
  3. The problem of updating: IoT is driven by software programs and technology. It is a common knowledge that such resources are always updated. That may pose a serious security concerns for stakeholders in the IoT industry. Most of the tech companies that are responsible for making the devices and programs that drive IoT may fail in their responsibility to make quick update to outdated devices or those that are no longer safe because hackers have detected new vulnerabilities in such devices or programs. Even when an update is promised, the space between when the promise is made and fulfilled may be exploited by hackers to wreck havoc.
  4. Increasing devices: On a daily basis, more devices will be connected together. This connection will place more challenges on the security need of IoT. For instance, a couple of years back, you only needed to worry about the security of your personal computer. Years later, the security of your smartphone was added to that of your PC. With the introduction of IoT, you have to think about the security of practically everything in your home. Your baby monitor, your remote control, your car, your wearables, and other connected devices now become a source of concern for you. Since all these devices can be hacked by a determined hacker, the security issue increases.


While IoT is a good innovation, it doesn’t come alone. It was accompanied by tons of security challenges and concerns. We have to contend with them for as long as IoT exists.