Condition Zebra (an International IT security services, Training and Certification provider) would like to highlight on the importance of being selective on granting permission to mobile apps. Have you realised that each time you download a new app, they would ask for permissions to access your contact, camera or etc. and sometimes it is abundantly clear that an app does not need a certain access to the device system. Take, for example, a battery monitoring app: does it need access to your precise location or the ability to create new accounts? Probably not.

This permission is used to collect user’s data. In ‘The Great Hack’ documentary, the narrator have point out that data has surpassed oil as the world’s most valuable asset and mainly collected through social media. So, if data is truly more valuable than oil, then understanding the value of our personal data is essential as companies will be motivated to collect it to generate revenue. We, the consumers, must step up and engage in controlling, or at least understanding, the data we trade with companies to gain access to their services.

Condition Zebra would like to recommend users to uninstall unused apps and take a look through the permissions of apps you decide to keep. Users also can check the app permissions you have enabled by heading to the Apps section of the Apps & Notifications. Find the app and scroll down until you find permissions and take a moment to review them, toggling off any that you don’t think are necessary.

Declining an app’s certain permissions does not mean it will not function altogether, it may just limit the functionality. Be smart enough to protect your own data and privacy.

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Source: welivesecurity