On 26th May 2022, it was reported ransomware attack on an Indian airline caused passengers to be trapped in the aircraft for at least up to five hours.

The news of the Indian Airline, SpiceJet facing problems following the cyber-attack has been circulating on Twitter. Several viral videos were found showing many victims trapped in the aircraft with no refreshments and having to bear an uncomfortable atmosphere.

The investigation was performed immediately and it was confirmed that a ransomware attack had been carried out against Indian Airlines. This has affected their flight operations system where they have to cancel or delay a flight.

In a ransomware attack, the hacker will compromise the computer systems which become encrypted and no access is available to the system until a ransom is paid.

The devastating situation left all passengers in a puzzling situation as it took more than five hours for the incident to be handled.

While SpiceJet is confident that almost the entire problem has been successfully contained and resolved, however, the situation does not look so encouraging.

The situation became increasingly tense because SpiceJet failed to communicate properly with the passengers. To date, SpiceJet has not shared any details of any investigations into the incident.

Our advice for companies experiencing, ransomware or any other form of cyber attack is to report this to a Cybersecurity company that is qualified to handle the incident without compromising the integrity of your mission-critical applications and services.

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