Youtube channel has been one of the best ways to monetize internet usage. A Youtube channel could unlock the earning potential while leveraging an engaged audience based on their interest. Developing creative videos which receive thriving likes and huge followers made a Youtube channel standout.

On 6th April 2022, it was reported that a popular Youtube channel that was set up in 2006 and has 3.27 million subscribers which had garnered some 1.4 billion views had been attacked by hackers which left the channel with no content.

The devastating moment could happen to any Youtuber at any point time. Cybercriminals have been eyeing and performing colossal admonishment in numerous ways. Eventually, it may become one of the worst nightmares anyone could ever experience. Youtube channels became vulnerable as they could fall into potholes if the owner is not attentive enough to the occurrence around the cyberspace world.

Our advice is to stay cautious when checking emails and to watch out for attachments and links. This attachment and links have been designed to appear genuine in such a way as to lure unsuspected victims to click and download a malicious file.

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