Maze, one of the most dangerous cybercriminal groups, had adopted a tactic for their ransomware operations to avoid getting detected by an organization’s network.

This new, dangerous tactic was inspired by another ransomware group, known as Ragner Locker ransomware operations.

The way these tactic works is by deploying ransomware via a virtual machine. This helped keep the attack under the radar until the encryption was triggered and the network could be held to ransom.

The factor that makes Maze a high profile threat is due to its high demand ransom.

They expect a six-figure bitcoin value in exchange for a decryption key and threaten to leak personal data if extortion demands aren’t met.

Our experts at Condition Zebra would suggest organizations to start investing in penetration tests to ensure an unexploitable network and to avoid becoming the next victim to these ransomware attacks.

Here are a few steps to ensure no intruders can exploit your organizations’ vulnerabilities and none of them could gain access to your network.

  1. ensuring security patches are applied to all applications
  1. block unnecessary applications on machines
  1. regularly update organization’s applications
  1. organizations must apply multi-factor authentication
  1. Organizations should also understand their own network, by acknowledging the network’s pattern: the usual and unusual.

While using advanced security software is important, it also takes an experienced IT security professional to spot the signs of an intruder on a network and further take appropriate actions to contact and neutralize the threat.

Condition Zebra understands this need and we offer IT security training to prepare IT personnel from various organizations with the required skills to excel in protecting their company’s valuable assets.

Source: ZDNet