Small and medium sized industries and enterprises are slowly realizing that the best way to boost their security is to focus on implementing some reliable tools and techniques. Penetration testing is one of the latest security measures that SMIs and SMEs are investing in and the reason is pretty simple to understand here.

Penetration testing doesn’t just uncover vulnerabilities, it will exploit them in order to showcase the damage that can be done for a business. This means each business will know what’s the worst that can happen based on the vulnerabilities that can be found at this particular time. Even if a SME or SMI network is advanced and very large, that doesn’t necessarily mean you won’t have to deal with lots of threats and that’s why you need to focus on using this type of solution.

Most of the SMEs as well as the SMIs seen the great results of penetration testing and they want to harness them as fast as possible. Plus, penetration testing does come with a wide range of benefits to begin with:

·      You can meet compliance with a wide variety of security standards required by the government.

·      It helps test the network capabilities and it allows any SME or SMI to improve the overall security defenses at all times

·      With help from penetration testing, any company can offer the necessary evidence that will provide a much better investment in security personnel dedicated on things that really matter.

·      Thanks to penetration testing, you can also see the potential impact on your operation due to various attacks. This can be very troublesome, which is why having a good plan in place can really pay off in the long run.

·      It can help you detect vulnerabilities even if you have an automated network

From understanding the scope of various attacks to figuring out the solution to such attacks, it’s always a very good idea to implement penetration testing as it can help a business boost its security and prevention tactics. This is especially true for the small businesses and even the medium sized ones, mainly because penetration testing is getting more and more affordable and they can access such features without a problem.

Of course, each SME and SMI needs a different set of penetration testing strategies as these differ from one industry to the other. Even so, there’s no denying that a good security plan which involves penetration testing can really pay off nowadays, especially when more and more hackers are targeting SMEs to capture their info and stop their growth.