Firstly, Laura (2022) defined cyber security as the measure taken to protect sensitive information, systems and data files from hackers. Cyber Security issues are a global issue that has been with us time and time again. A global problem that has dominated the news cycle (Paul 2022).

Moreover, raising awareness of cybersecurity issues among employees is crucial in preventing severe financial implications regarding cyber-attacks. To illustrate, Laura (2022) stated that data breaches in a company cost them up to 4% of their annual sales each year.

As a result, this article aims to enrich employees with the top 10 cybersecurity awareness practices they can incorporate in their workplace.

1) Update Software Regularly
Employees should always check if the software installed on their pc is updated. Additionally, TitanFile (2022), suggested that regular updates can help the PC run safely and smoothly without any critical errors. Also, this helps with improving cyber security protection as the latest update can detect the latest cyber threat (Mindmajix, 2021).

2) Avoid Opening Bogus Emails
Further, opening any kind of email that have suspicious links are likely to be a phishing scam (TitanFile, 2022). Next, phishing content can come in the form of ads and attachments, which may allow the hacker to gain access to your system and alongside corrupting the system’s hardware.

3) Ensure compatibility of Software
The software manufacturers send updates to guarantee that their software is compatible with the latest technology. In addition, TitanFile (2022) mentioned with continuous updates, it is possible that the old software may not work with the latest technology. In other words, the software may not be able to detect the latest cybercrimes.

4) Refrain from using Public Networks
Using a public sharing network means sharing it with potential hackers that can intercept the company’s network. Further, it is suggested that a company should use a VPN if they are ever connected to a public network (TitanFile, 2022). The use of a VPN encrypts the company’s data while surfing the internet.

5) Short Passwords are a BIG no-no
Creating a short and simple password serves as a gateway for hackers to access your accounts. Hackers are always seeking the opportunity to access companies’ private information. Furthermore, Mindmajix (2021) suggests that a strong password consists of a minimum of 8 or 10 characters with a combination of uppercase, lowercase, numbers and special characters.

6) Back Up Your Data Files
Sometimes important files are lost due to a security breach and ignoring backup notifications. Always adhere to the backup notification presented by the system and back up your confidential company files (TitanFile, 2022). Employees should back up company files in the cloud or a local storage device.

7) Install a Firewall
Installing a firewall is the safest and best way to prevent any cyber attacks from hackers (Mindmajix, 2021). These cyberattacks can present themselves as a breach of essential software, data files, emails, etc. Furthermore, Mindmajix (2021) advised installing Firewall protections so that it can prevent intruders from intercepting the network.

8) HTTP Websites
When using websites that only contain HTTP, there is no guarantee employees are secure or safe on that website. Further, TitanFile (2022) stated the reason being your company’s information can easily be given away if employees are not vigilant in checking if the website is HTTPS compliant.

9) Third-Party Monitoring
Furthermore, Prevalent (2022) mentioned that Third Party Monitoring is when a third person has access to your accounts. That includes a higher security risk to the company’s network. In addition, third-party monitoring controls can be turned off which prevents them from accessing accounts including files and folders.

10) Download Anti Virus and Anti Malware Software
Antivirus and Anti Malware software will assist employees in the total safety of their computer devices. This is done by scanning the entire system and quarantining files that are a potential danger. Furthermore, TitanFile (2022) illustrated that some of the best Antivirus software are McAfee, Norton Antivirus Security and AVG Antivirus.


In short, some of the best cybersecurity practices employees can implement are keeping their software updated, steering clear of dubious links, installing antivirus software, backing up important data files away from the original source, and enabling firewall protection.

Most cyberattacks that occur in an organisation can easily be avoidable if employees are aware of the best cyber security practices they can implement in their workspace. One of the best strategies to prepare employees for cyberattacks is through email phishing simulation and IT security awareness training.

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