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SnapTube is a video downloader that enables users to play Facebook & Youtube videos offline. While users are watching the videos, the app’s malware defrauds both users and advertisers to generate material financial returns.

Researchers at Upstream have disclosed that their Secure-D platform has detected and blocked more than 70 million suspicious mobile transaction requests from SnapTube within 6 months. This app has been delivering invisible ads, performing non-human clicks and purchases. SnapTube also triggers premium calls and texts, and subscribing users to paid services even when the phone is in idle mode which cost users up to $91 million. The user has zero control on the actions made by the app and what’s even worse is no notifications appear on the screen leaving users clueless on what’s actually running in the background.

Therefore, Condition Zebra (an International IT security services, Training and Certification provider) would like to urge Android user who have downloaded SnapTube App to uninstall it immediately. Please be aware of what kind of apps you’re downloading. You might not know that you have been compromised by the background activities initiated by the app. Keep yourself update with the latest cyber security news by bookmarking our blog today.

Source: Forbes