According to Kaspersky’s report, it shows that 52% of Cyber-security Incidents in 2018 were caused by human error.

Here are the report’s findings:

1. Top 7 most common types of vulnerabilities within industrial control systems:
• Misconfigurations (34.7 percent)
• Vulnerabilities, patches and updates (26.7 percent)
• Identity and access management (12.9 percent)
• Insecure services enabled (7.9 percent)
• Architecture and network segmentation (7.9 percent)
• Encryption and authentication (5.9 percent)
• Other (2 percent)

2. Top 6 key trends identified within the industry:
• Greater public awareness of issues around industrial cybersecurity
• Closer integration of OT and IT systems
• The rapid proliferation of new and untested technologies
• An increase in the number of cyber-security regulations around the world
• The growth of cyber insurance
• The shortage of industrial cyber-security skills

3. Top 5 technical problems observed within the industry:
• Outdated and vulnerable software
• Inadequate network segregation
• Lack of system hardening
• Weak access control
• Insufficient logging and monitoring

4. Top 5 non-technical problems observed within the industry:
• Governance of cyber-security is low.
• Staff training and security awareness
• Business continuity plan
• Third party management
• Incident response planning

5. How do attackers get in? The report says:
• Vendors
• Remote operations
• IT/OT integration
• Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) sensors and gateways
• Malware infection from remove-able media
• Poorly configured access points and modems

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Source: SecurityMagazine