Has your business been a target of cybercrime? If yes, then you must want to know what next steps you should take.

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Condition Zebra understands that customers face several computer forensic matters. Our computer and cyber forensic practices provide a wide range of services across the forensic and investigative lifecycles to help you understand potential challenges.

A digital forensic investigation can help you answer these questions.

●       How did the incident happen?

●       What systems, files, networks, and applications were affected?

●       Are hackers still on my network?

●       What information and data were accessed and stolen?

●       Where did the attack come from?

Cyberattacks may leave an organization unsure about the future and what necessary actions they should take to prevent future attacks from happening. In this article, we will discuss computer forensics and why it is important. Let’s get started.

What is computer/digital forensic?

Digital forensic is defined as the process of identification, preservation, extraction, and documentation of digital evidence that can be used by the court of law. It’s an approach to find evidence from digital media like a server, network, computer, or mobile device. It offers forensic teams the best tools and techniques to resolve complex digital-related scenarios. Computer forensics helps the forensic teams inspect, analyze, identify, and protect the digital evidence residing on several electronic devices.

Why is computer forensics important?

Adding the ability to perform sound computer forensics help you ensure the overall survivability and integrity of your network infrastructure. Digital forensic experts are generally consulted to investigate cybercrimes such as security breaches in a network or system. When a cybercrime happens, computer forensic experts can assist you in several ways. Their services range from securing sensitive information to reconstructing data from systems.

What happens when you ignore digital forensics or practice it badly? You can risk destroying important evidence or having the forensic evidence ruled unacceptable in a court of law. Moreover, your organization may face a conflict of new laws that command regulatory compliance and give liability if certain types of data are not protected adequately.

From a technical point of view, the main aim of digital forensic is to identify, gather, analyze, and preserve data in a way that maintains the integrity of evidence collected to use it efficiently in a legal case. A digital forensic investigation is used for

●       Safeguarding digital evidence used in the cyberattack before it gets obsolete.

●       Identifying the possible intent and cause of a cyber attack

●       Finding hackers tools, retracing hackers steps, and increasing security hygiene.

●       Searching for exfiltration/data access.

Benefits of digital forensics

Digital Forensic gives you benefits in the following ways.

●       It helps organizations to capture sensitive information in their networks or computer systems that get compromised.

●       It ensures the integrity of computer systems.

●       It helps you produce evidence in the court that can lead to culprit punishment.

●       It helps to protect organizations’ valuable time and money.

●       It helps you efficiently track down hackers from anywhere in the world.

●       It allows you to extract, interpret, and process the factual data and evidence to prove criminals’ actions in court.

Computer Forensics use cases

Computer forensics helps organizations to ensure the overall survivability and integrity of their network infrastructure. They may need computer forensics in the following cases.

●       Inappropriate use of the email and internet in the workplace

●       Issues concerning the regulatory compliance

●       Intellectual property theft

●       Forgeries related matters

●       Bankruptcy investigations

●       Industrial espionage

●       Fraud investigations

●       Employment disputes

Will a computer forensic investigation prevent a future cyber attack?

A famous quote is, “If you do not know where you have come from, you do not know where you are going”. Targets of cyberattacks should apply this philosophy and learn from their previous incident to safeguard their data in the future. However, a digital forensic investigation does not prevent your organization from a future attack. But a digital forensic examination can find gaps that need to be fulfilled in a cybersecurity infrastructure.

This examination can allow detecting the additional security flaws that can be proactively addressed for the next time a cybercriminal comes knocking on your door. You can determine the next logical steps to ensure security if you are armed with vital intelligence from computer forensic specialists. If you actively detect vulnerabilities in your organization IT infrastructure, you can:

●       Reduce the potential of facing extensive cyber attacks in the future.

●       Keep your sensitive data from prying eyes.

●       Reduce the risk of malware entering your IT infrastructure.


The digital forensic experts at Condition Zebra are there to help you make informed decisions. We recommend that you get legal advice to determine the regulatory requirements in your authority. Our digital forensic specialists have helped many organizations in their critical time following a cyber attack and provided them with detailed information about their threat. We will accurately and quickly help your organization understand the scope of cyberattacks by our investigation processes and services and walk you through the next steps to improve your data security.

Condition Zebra uses in-depth industry sector knowledge based on years of experience working closely with clients from various industries.

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