While it is true that hackers can come up with different means of breaching your password security measures, there are tons of practical tips that will keep hackers at bay or reduce their impact to a reasonable level. Consider applying these tips to protect your computer and see your security measures receive a massive boost:

1) Install anti-virus Software

This is an efficient technique that works to reduce any cyber-attack via a virus and other related harmful computer programs. For instance, cyber-attacks like keyboard logger can be prevented through the intervention of the software to prevent downloading of such harmful program to your system.

2) Don’t click links indiscriminately

Phishing attacks are done by putting links to harmful websites in an email message. Clicking such link exposes you to the danger of cyber-attack. If you cultivate the habit of not clicking any link that is attached to your mail, you can reduce your exposure to attacks via a phishing email. The simple rule is that if you have an iota of doubt about the authenticity of a link, obey your instinct. Don’t click it.

3) Restrict access to your system

Ensure that your computer system is not accessible to every Tom, Dick, and Harry. Restrict access to your system to people you can trust with your life. That will reduce the risk of having your password bypassed. Otherwise, if you can’t account for those who visit your system, you can’t pinpoint the last user or whoever has a secret plan of harming you. That may jeopardize your security measures.

4) Don’t visit any website you don’t trust

If you receive a mail directing you to another website, trust your instinct. And if you accidentally click the link, don’t give your confidential information on request. No serious-minded financial institution or company will request for your sensitive information online. The common practice is to contact you in person if such information is really needed.

5) Don’t share your password

Sharing your password with other people increases the chances of the password getting to someone without the best intentions for you. What is more, it can be very challenging to know who to trust and who doesn’t deserve your trust.

If you don’t know who to trust, you should keep your password to yourself, and not anyone else just as you can’t give your home key to someone you hardly know. You need discretion here. That will save you from heartbreak.


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